One too many apps

One too many apps

When I started buying smart gadgets, they always came with their own application that you could download from the app store by scanning the qr code on the box, but could not find it just by searching for it so if I got a new phone or deleted the app and did not have the qr code I could not use the device anymore or had to find another app that it might work with but is just not the same. Not to mention when a new iOS/Android upgrade comes out and the app is no longer supported on the new version, I just end up with another useless device. I'm sure you have been there too one way or the other. 

Other issues pop up when you buy several different products from different manufacturers. They all have their own apps that are not compatible with devices from other manufacturers. You get a wireless camera, a wireless doorbell, wifi lightbulbs, another wired camera, and they all use different applications. That's just too many, causing confusion and a headache keeping up with what is where. Sure you can buy from the same manufacturer and keep it simple but they might not have a specific product that you would like but another manufacturer does, or the products are more expensive.

Luckily I have stumbled on a solution to all these problems. Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will be talking about Home Assistant and why I chose it over other solutions.

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