Home Assistant vs Others

Home Assistant vs Others

I always wanted to be able to control everything with one device and from one application. Google seemed like the simplest app as it was already on my Android device but there was always one function or one gadget that juts wasn't compatible and using a second app was just taking a step backwards. Then Tuya become more popular but the same issue was there as with Google and some other major brands. Not to mention that some apps require a membership fee to be able to use some functions like automations. That is just a big NO!

That's where Home Assistant comes in. A software built by a great community which is open source, customizable, free (with a payable option which we will cover later) and the best part is that it works with everything! If there's something not on the official list, there are many community members creating ways to make it work, or if you know how to code you can even do it yourself. 

Most people would overthink home automation and smart homes to be very complicated to set up, but it isn't. there are a lot of guides and videos online walking you through step by step on how to get started, but as with many other things you need to choose from the available options and it can be a difficult choice to make, and that's why We are here to help you build your own smart home. 

Home assistant comes with a variety of personalizable front-ends for every user within the same house. It's available for Android, iOS or via the web browser and if set up correctly you can access your home from anywhere in the world where internet is available. Turn up the thermostat remotely so you arrive home in a warm home, turn off all lights as you leave the house and set the Home Alarm automatically without having to enter a pin or having to tap a fob. Whatever you think of as a problem, with home assistant there will be a way to find a solution. You'll never want to use a different app ever again.

In the next blog entry I'll be talking about some problems we've encountered with the family and how they were solved with home assistant. Check back soon for our next post and follow us on Facebook 

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