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Hivemapper Dashcam

Hivemapper Dashcam

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Expected availability:
Orders placed before 08/01/2024 is expected mid February 2024 (sold out)
Orders placed on and after 08/01/2024 expected delivery will be in April (sold out)
Orders placed on and after 10/02/2024 expected delivery is undetermined (originally August)

Eligible orders (placed in 2023) for the 2500 HONEY bonus! > See details here <

Orders placed in January 2024 for the 1000 HONEY bonus! > See details here <


Camera Specs:

  • Imager Sony IMX477
  • Resolution 12.3 MP
  • Sensor Format 1/2.3"
  • Sensor Type Back-illuminated Stacked CMOS Image Sensor
  • Shutter Rolling Shutter
  • Frame Rate 10Hz
  • Lens CIL227
  • F# 2.5
  • Vertical FOV 71 degrees
  • Horizontal FOV 137 degrees
  • Distortion -4.5% F-0
  • Image Circle 8.2mm

Communications & Sensors:

  •  LoRa (Powered by Helium) Semtech SX1262 LoRa Transciever
  • LoRa Antenna Supports frequencies between 868MHz-930MHz; only broadcasts appropriate regional frequency during operation
  •  GPS/GNSS U-Blox NEO-M9N
  •  GPS Antenna Taoglas SGGP.12A or Molex 2065600100
  •  Wifi 2.4GHz
  •  IMU TDK Invensense IIM-42652

Onboard Compute:

  • Processor Quad-Core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-Bit SOC @ 1.5GHz
  •  SDRAM 2 GB LPDDR4-3200
  •  eMMC Flash Storage32GB


  •  Power input 9-18V
  •  Current 0.5A @ 12V 

Size, Weight, & Temp:

  • Dimensions WxHxD(mm)108 x 60 x 59 mm
  • Weight 231g
  • Operating temperature Min: 14º F | -10º C Max: 95º F | 35º C

Powered by a Raspberry Pi CM4
Specs are subject to change in future iterations of the Hivemapper Dashcam.



Mine more in minutes

Getting started mining HONEY is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Simply install the Hivemapper Dashcam and drive.
Oh, we guess it’s even simpler than we thought.

You drive. We’ll do everything else.

The Hivemapper Dashcam comes complete with everything you need right out of the box. In fact, if it could drive, it wouldn’t need you at all. 

  • Collects and transfers high quality imagery automatically to the Hivemapper network via our app.
  • Self-identifies only what the map needs to ease up on data being backhauled. 
  • Let’s you track your mining rewards automatically through the Hivemapper Contributor App.
  • The only thing it doesn’t do is ever invade your privacy. It only collects what the map needs and absolutely nothing else.

Driving: the newest way to mine crypto

The Hivemapper Dashcam is designed for seamless decentralized mapping on the Hivemapper network.

While you drive, you’re not only mining and earning HONEY for yourself, you’re building a better map for the world. One that future-focused businesses and developers can use to run their apps and operations.


Privacy by design

Nothing against you, but the Hivemapper Dashcam doesn’t need or want to see your face. We built the dashcam with everything you need to map and mine. There are no hidden backdoors, so it only collects what the map needs and never anything else.


Don’t just drive,
map and mine

After a 20-minute initial install, you can then forget about the Hivemapper Dashcam as it will be mapping in the background and uploading imagery after collecting.

With the Hivemapper Dashcam you are growing an ever-updating map of our world, built by the people who know it best - all of us.


Everything you need
in one box

We’re all about earning, not spending. Absolutely everything you need to get started
is delivered directly to you in one nifty package.

What’s included

  • Hivemapper Dashcam (with USB-C rubber port plug)
  • Power cord for 12v cigarette lighter adapter
  • Mount assembly for attaching the Hivemapper Dashcam to your vehicle
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Customer Reviews

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SyncSpot Ltd - Oli
Excellent Customer Services

Fully updated on shipping times throughout and super supportive for other queries. 100% would recommend for future Hivemapper purchases!


Great product, great service


I am verily joyed and satisfied with the service and device

Shane Chauhan
Excellent customer service

Regular updates, great communication and top customer service. Thanks to Patrick at smart tech gadgets for an awesome service!

Ryan Davies
Highly Recommend

Brilliant Service, Kept up to date and camera arrived earlier than expected. Couldn’t be happier